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The first U.S. soldier to die in World War I was from Evansville, Indiana.  One of the United States' most decorated soldiers was from Madison, Indiana, and became Indiana's ONLY Medal of Honor recipient of WWI.  The first Army Nursing Corps nurse to die overseas was from Henry County, Indiana.  One of the most decorated Indiana soldiers was an African American from Lyles Station, Indiana.  This one-hour documentary explores the sacrifice and personal costs of these and other Hoosiers who served.

This film tells the stories of forgotten Hoosiers who served during World War I.  The experience of the U.S. Army infantry have been depicted in dramatic reenactments, complimented with newly restored archive footage from the U.S. National Archives, and enhanced with current-day footage of the French battlefields of our Hoosier Heroes.  Interviews with extended family, current service members, military historians, and experts provide context and interpretation of what it meant then, and what it means now, to have served our country in the Great War.

Produced & Directed by:
Jo Throckmorton

Over There: Hoosier Heroes of the Great War is the new film from the Emmy Award Winning Producer & Director, Jo Throckmorton.  Jo has also been nominated by the Directors Guild of America for Outstanding Directorial Achievement.  Jo produced and directed a major film for a museum installation at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in Romagne, France in 2016. That experience led to the production of this documentary.  The film will focus on a nurse and several soldiers from throughout the state of Indiana.

This film will tell their stories.  Please look for air dates in late 2022.  And, if you are able, consider donating to the production, we are still in need of financial support to assure the highest quality program to honor those who served.  Thank you.

Past Work for PBS-TV

These two films were produced and directed by Jo Throckmorton for PBS-TV.  Each were recognized for excellence by both the Emmy's and the Society of Professional Journalist.  The rights for each have reverted to the producer.

Hard Life

Winner of the The Society of Professional Journalists: Best Social Justice Reporting. This documentary was produced and directed by Jo Throckmorton for the PBS-affiliate station WTIU-TV, in Bloomington, Indiana.

Assembly Hall

This half-hour documentary was nominated for an Emmy Award under the Nostalgia Program category. This program was produced and directed by Jo Throckmorton for the PBS-affiliate station WTIU-TV, in Bloomington, Indiana.

Jim Silberstein

Jim Silberstein brings a wealth of business experience and a respected reputation for his entrepreneurial skills.  In addition, he has an unrivaled love and respect for military history which has committed him to bringing this film to life.  His uncle was a tail gunner of a B-24 in WWII.

Kaleb Throckmorton

All of the footage (except for the re-enactments) is captured by Kaleb Throckmorton.  A graduate of Indiana University's Media School, Kaleb has extensive production experience on TV shows, films, commercials, and non-broadcast projects.

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