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Over There:
Hoosier Heroes of the Great War

Upcoming Documentary to be broadcast

on the PBS Stations of Indiana Public Media

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Thank You to Our Program Underwriters

This film could not have been made without the generosity and support of our incredible underwriters.  

Lacy Johnson

The Indiana
Military Museum

James M. Silberstein & Beth Kaiman Silberstein

My name is Jo Throckmorton, and I am asking you to support the production of the World War I documentary film, "Over There: Hoosier Heroes of the Great War." We currently have one significant underwriting organization that has paid ONLY for a substantial portion of the U.S.-based on-location videotaping. The amount we seek will allow us to finish the remainder of the U.S.-based portion of production and give us the opportunity to capture footage on the battlefield locations in Eastern France. Additionally, these donations will provide finishing funds for the editing and delivery of the final film.


Without your support, the delivery of this film will be delayed significantly until proper finishing funds can be secured. We are asking for your help. Any amount is significant. Any person or organization who might want to be one of only four potential major underwriters for this film can contact me directly to discuss an agreement.


The organization is not a non-profit organization, but a third-party fiscal agent handles all accounting, and we can provide transparent financial reporting upon request.  Thank You!

Previews & Bonus Material

Dalessandro_Why Remember WWI
Lt Samuel Woodfill
Lt Aaron Fisher
Sgt Ernest Finley Duncan
Charles Harrison Forrest
Laurens Bennet Strain
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PBS Station Broadcast Info

The following PBS stations have expressed interest in airing the film when finished.  The first four stations listed have committed to airing the program based on an established history of delivering high-quality material for air on PBS stations within the state of Indiana by the filmmaker, Jo Throckmorton.    These Indiana stations alone offer 1.6 million viewers.  Currently, the four committed stations offer 1.1 million viewers.


  • WFYI, channel 20: Indianapolis                                                                               867,000 viewers

  • WTIU, channel 30: Bloomington                                                                                85,000 viewers

  • WYIN, channel 56: Gary                                                                                              75,000 viewers

  • WIPB, channel 49: Muncie                                                                                          68,000 viewers

  • WFWA, channel 39: Fort Wayne                                                                              268,000 viewers

  • WNIN, channel 9: Evansville                                                                                       118,000 viewers

  • WNIT, channel 34: South Bend                                                                                 102,000 viewers

  • WVUT, channel 22: Vincennes                                                                                    17,000 viewers


In addition to the Indiana-based PBS stations above, we will be offering the film to the following stations in "Border States" who may choose to broadcast the program.


  • WTTW, channel 11: Chicago, IL.                                                                              2.7 million viewers

  • WKPC, channel 15: Louisville, KY                                                                               620,000 viewers

  • WKMJ, channel 68, Louisville, KY                                                                              620,000 viewers

  • WCVN, channel 54: Covington, KY                                                                          302,000 viewers

  • WCET, channel 48: Cincinnati, OH                                                                          302,000 viewers

  • WPTD, channel 16: Dayton, OH                                                                                  140,000 viewers

  • WKOH, channel 31: Owensboro, KY                                                                           60,000 viewers

  • WILL, channel 12: Urbana, IL                                                                                        42,000 viewers

  • WPTO, channel 14: Oxford, OH                                                                                    23,000 viewers

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